About Us

LunaFuture has over 15 years of experience in digital publishing and distance education. The digital publishing experience at Pusula Publishing has firmed with the agency and instructional design experience at Kavrakoğlu Management Institute and Digitallica. In addition to this know-how, Lunafuture has also the background of corporate experience at Turkcell and Denizbank.

Despite the long years of experience and the amount of production in the e-learning field, we believe that e-learning is more than the Scorm packages and aim to elevate it with different and up-to-date elements such as video, motion graphics, games.

As Lunafuture we focus on various types of productions such as games, gamification, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Project Mapping to diversify the business and advance our R&D studies in these fields.
In this sense the half of our work is to develop the present projects whereas the other half is to pursue “not-yet” – perhaps functional, futile – but still possible opportunities.

LunaFuture is established at the beginning of 2018 and continues on its path with your valuable contributions.