Educational Games for Your Company

It is more effective to use educational games due to it’s advantage of interactivity which leads to practical results to your target audience. As LunaFuture, we analyze your needs and convert your courses into 2D or 3D games for desktop and mobile devices.

  • Advanced Interaction

  • Learning within Game

  • Mobile Games

  • HTML5 WebGL Games

Interactive E-Learnings

You can convert your processes, products and in-class training to e-learning courses. As LunaFuture we make content into e-learning by applying an instructional design suitable for your necessities. By designing trainings in 2D or 3D and enriching them with cases, mini-games, drag-and-drop interactions; we deliver the final product as SCORM / AICC packages which fits for your reporting needs in your LMS.

  • Transforming Processes, Products and In-class Trainings into E-Learning

  • Interactive Applications

  • Mini Games

  • Scorm and AICC Compatible Packages

Motion Graphic Videos

Since the attention spans markedly decreased in the last years, interactive videos are the most effective way to pass on the information. As LunaFuture, we present your educations in informative and compact scripts and transform them into impulsive 2D or 3D motion graphic videos.

  • Transforming Processes and Products into Animation

  • Micro Learning Approach

  • 2D ve 3D Motion Graphics

  • Script and Storyboard

Whiteboard – Hand Drawing Animations

Another method to produce an effective content for your targeted customer is “Whiteboard Hand Drawing Animations”. By using a micro learning approach and creating a script, we design all of your content into animations on the whiteboard.

  • Transforming Processes and Products into Animation

  • Micro Learning Approach

  • Hand Drawings on Whiteboard

  • Watercolor Effects

Video and Motion Graphics

We convert your training content into transcripts to fit the video content and shoot your instructors in front of the green screen with our expert production partners. By adding impressive motion graphic elements to the footage edit, we create a more attractive content. For production we can use fully equipped studios of our 3rd party partners as much as can the places that are convenient for you.

  • Instructor Video Productions

  • Micro Learning Approach

  • Increasing the Visuality with 2D and 3D graphics

  • Script Writing and Prompter Support

Product Instructions & Tutorials

Have you released a new mobile application or do you have a brand new product? We transfer the features of your new products to your customers through desktop videos on social media. In this way we can deliver your messages to your targeted audience with short and effective animations.

  • Product Introduction and Tutorials

  • Script Writing and Storyboard

Case Based Dialogue Simulations

To educate the employees for how to deal with real life problems they face in their routine working environment; we prepare different cases with the possible solutions and interactive dialogs. In our simulations, we determine the depth of the cases, the responses according to the answers, the positive / negative flows of the case considering your needs We create case-based dialogue simulations from 2D, 3D characters or real videos according to your preferences.

  • Case Based Trainings

  • Structured Dialogues

  • 2D, 3D Characters

  • Gamification Items

Augmented Reality Solutions

As LunaFuture, we produce applications with Augmented Reality technology by converting your choices of visuals and objects into fun and informative 3D models experiencing in an augmented reality world. We offer new experiences with entertaining and informative visuals and 3D models.

Augmented Reality technology has an important potential in the on-the-job training programs  as well as the field of entertainment and marketing. With augmented reality applications that recognize certain devices and graphic elements, you can enable your employees to get to know their work environment and receive information.

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