Let’s Make a Difference with Augmented Reality Applications.

Improve your training programs and activities and surprise your participants with Augmented Reality applications.

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented Reality applications enable virtual images to be superimposed on actual camera images by using special devices such as phones and VR Headsets. With Augmented Reality technology, your device recognizes certain pictures and objects, allowing you to get information through the application and interact with virtual items.

As LunaFuture, we produce applications with Augmented Reality technology by converting your choices of visuals and objects into fun and informative 3D models in an augmented reality world.

Through this world the users will be informed and educated through a unique but fun experience.


Augmented Reality (AR) Features

  • Virtual visuals produced for your needs

  • Engaging 3D models and animations

  • Poster + application specially prepared for your company

  • Real object recognition and information

  • Android and iOS compatible native app

Usage Areas

  • In all kinds of events, in fairs, in exhibitions

  • In product promotions

  • On the boards and posters in classroom trainings

  • On-the-job training for white and blue collars

  • On any printed material

On-the-job Training Tool

Augmented Reality technology has an important potential in the on-the-job training programs as well as the field of entertainment and marketing.

With augmented reality applications that recognize certain devices and graphic elements, you can give your employees the opportunity to get to know their work environment in a close simulation.

  • Recognizing specific machines, devices

  • QR code, sticker recognition

  • Location-based recognition

  • 3D animated briefing

  • Triggering video tutorials

Aksigorta AR Native iOS/Android Application

To bring new life to Aksigorta‘s MT Training Program, we presented the basic orientation information about the company with the visuals we hung in the event area and classrooms.

Participants accessed animations and company/program information by scanning the areas on the board with our Augmented Reality application, which they installed on their mobile phones.

  • Orientation information

  • Curriculum information