Let’s Create New Worlds with Virtual Reality Applications!

Let’s create new worlds for your employees with Virtual Reality applications. Let us design your training programs and activities.

What is Virtual Reality (VR)?

We design virtual spaces and processes using special devices such as phones and VR headsets and enable your users to experience this virtual world. With Virtual Reality technology, users receive information from the software, play certain scenarios and interact with virtual items.

At LunaFuture, we design scenarios and virtual environments. We produce Virtual Reality applications that suit specially for your needs. We offer brand-new experiences with entertaining and informative flows. Contact us to combine education with VR technology!


Virtual Reality (VR) Features

  • Virtual spaces produced for your needs

  • Engaging 3D models and animations

  • Scenarios tailored to your company

  • Safe training for hazardous areas and dangerous working conditions

  • Software development for Virtual Reality headsets

Usage Areas

  • In all kinds of events, in fairs, in exhibitions

  • In product promotions

  • In classroom trainings

  • On-the-job training for white and blue collars

  • In common areas of your company

Example Application:
Engine Tutorial

We prepared a demo of a part of the training we produced for a customer in Virtual Reality. We wanted to share the video of this example with you. The training was developed for Facebook/Meta’s Oculus Quest 2 glasses. We invite everyone excited about virtual reality to watch our demo.

  • Technical Scenarios and Practices

  • Practical Cases

  • Simulating expensive equipments and difficult processes

  • Software development for standalone glasses and PC VR

Example Application:
Occupational Health and Safety Fire Scenario

To bring a new breath to Occupational Health and Safety trainings, we create VR-based scenarios that direct the theoretical knowledge gained in the trainings and the actions to be taken into practice. In this example, we assign the user to get out of a conference saloon on fire safely.
For the user to escape from the fire, he has to control the fire exits, activate the fire alarm, and open the way out by using a fire extinguisher. By completing these steps correctly, the user realistically tests and understands what to do in case of a possible fire.
VR trainings are not designed to cover the entire Occupational Health and Safety curriculum, but for the user to grasp the essence of issues, cases and correct behaviors and apply them in the field. You can contact us for more information.

  • Occupational Health and Safety Scenarios

  • Practical Cases

  • Simulating extreme situations such as fire, earthquake, work accident and difficult working conditions such as factory, mine, production line, working at height, working with dangerous substances